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Evening Talk –Mobile Devices and the Impact on Information Management Bob Larrivee 12/07/12 PDF file

Mobile devices continue to be a driving force and challenge for many organizations in relation to managing content and records. This discussion included a combination of research data and common issues related to the use of mobile device use for the capture and management of content and records. In addition it also discussed the lack of and need for governance and security strategies in relation to the use of mobile devices.

The presentation was given by Bob Larrivee from the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM). Bob is an internationally recognized lecturer with over thirty years of experience in the application of advanced technologies and process improvement, and the recipient of the Cenadem - Brazil ECM Pioneer Award. Bob is Director and Industry Advisor with AIIM International. In this role, Bob works in identifying, developing and delivering specialized training in best practices, technology and methodologies.

International Cyber Security Seminar ICT Gozo Malta + International Participants 23rd November 2011 PDF file

This event, co-organised with ICT Gozo Malta was attended by the Brazilian Consul to Malta and transmitted live to the Security Leaders Congress with 900 CEO, CTO, and CIO's in attendance. Presentations were made to Malta from 4 different countries including Brazil, the USA, England and France

Cyber Security Seminar.

Evening Talk – A Model for Project Success Dr Emanuel Camilleri 08/03/2011 PDF file

The presentation was given by Dr Emanuel Camilleri who is currently, a visiting senior lecturer at the University of Malta and author of the book "Project Success: Critical Factors and Behaviours" published by Gower. 

Mr. Camilleri explained in his presentation, the research he carried out for his book, and explained why some projects are perceived as failures when they have met all the traditional standards of success, namely, completed on time, completed within budget and meeting all the technical specifications.
On the other hand he explained why are projects perceived to be successful when they have failed to meet two important criteria that are traditionally associated with success, namely, not completed on time and not completed within budget. Mr Camilleri went on to give his view of what is termed as project success. In a project, apart from the traditional and typical points of failure, namely that of project scope, organisation, project team, the planning and project control, there are also other points of failure, like for example the project strategic fit.  He then went on to explain the different types of risks and its quantitative analysis using PERT.

A discussion then followed between the attendants and Mr Camilleri, led by the BCS Chairman, namely Mr. Carm Cachia. This also served as a means of networking between the individuals, giving their views and experience in the area.

BCS Malta Annual General Meeting   30/11/2010  

The BCS Malta Section AGM was held at the Corinthia San George and this was followed by Pre Christmas drinks and reception for all BCS members.

The BCS Malta Section was established in 1997 with the aim of promoting the ideals of the BCS in Malta, organising professional activities, and fostering the development of professional standards in the IT industry.

The BCS is the leading international professional and learned Society in the field of computers and information systems. It has its Head Quarters in the UK. It was established in 1957 and has over 60,000 members world-wide. BCS is the qualifying body for Chartered IT Professionals (CITP).

Business continuity Management for Data Centres Dr Robert M Cachia ISACA 13/10/2009 PDF file

This event, held jointly by the BCS Malta Section ( and ISACA Malta Chapter (, focused on Business Continuity Management (BCM) for Data Centres.

Both near-shore, industrial strength, commercial IT providers, as well as small, in-house IT set-ups need the resilience that BCM provides, assuring that B2B, B2C, B2G E-services, ERP etc. continue operating at all times. IT providers ― external and internal ― need BCM because their clients, large and small ― Banks, Utilities, Ports, Airports, iGaming, Retail and Manufacturing, themselves need it.

The event was of interest to CIOs, CTOs, Data Centre Managers, Infosec Managers, IT Architects, Software Developers, Testers, and Auditors ― as well as CEOs / CFOs from all sectors. These top-managers strategically strive to protect their revenue streams and business reputation by appropriately investing in BCM.

IPV6 Forum MITA 11-12/06/2009 PDF file
BCS Malta AGM @ Corinthia St George @ 6pm BCS 24t/06 2009  
Optimizing Application Development for business performance Mr. Karl Davies-Barrett, Microsoft 05/05/2009  
Agile Scrum Development Vs Waterfall development Method Uniblue 30/04/2008  
IPod Slurping GFI 30/06/ 2008 PDF file
Agile or Common Sense 6PM Ltd 28/08/2008 PDF file